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Roger D. Hansen, currently a planning team leader in the Provo Area Office of the Bureau of Reclamation, has had a long-time interest in water resource development history. He has an undergraduate degree in history (from Brigham Young University) and graduate degrees in civil engineering (from Utah State University). Using this somewhat unique educational background, Roger has written on such diverse historical subjects as: water development during Roman Empire, private and Federal water projects in Utah (USA), and water and sanitation in medieval London. He enjoys traveling and has visited many of the historical sites he has written about. His current obsession/hobby is the development of this web site; he serves as creative consultant and editor.

Roger Hansen

Inspecting the intake for the penstock at the remains of a medieval mill located near Murs in southern France.

His professional research interest with Reclamation is the modernization of water delivery system, i.e. retrofitting low-cost solar powered automation equipment onto existing monitoring and control structures. He is also interested in the development of real-time river basin web sites.


  • rhansen@uc.usbr.gov
  • work: (801) 379-1170
  • home: (801) 225-5317
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