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Other Waterhistory Sites:
  • www.iwha.net is the website for the International Water History Association whose purpose is to:
    • encourage, promote, and foster historical understanding of, and research in, the relationship between water and the humankind;
    • foster a stronger relationship between those engaged in water history and water administrators, engineers, scientists, planners and other practitioners; and
    • foster public awareness of the role of water in world history and to promote public participation in resolving water resource issues.
  • http://water.nml.uib.no is the website for the Water Research Network database, a collaborative effort run by the University of Bergen, Norway, and sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council and the Government of the Netherlands. This database is being used as a tool for making a mutli-volume book-series titled "History of Water and Civilization," initiated by UNESCO.
  • www.experimentarium.dk/uk/naturvidenskab_og_teknik/schiolers/index.html contains Dr. Thorkild Schiöler's excellent photo collection dealing with water-lifting devices. Dr. Schiöler has worked internationally for over 40 years on water-lifting technologies.
  • www.romanconcrete.com is David Moore's website and has (a) an excellent discussion of Roman concrete and (b) a history of Boulder Dam.
  • www.aloitaly.com/ancientrome is a website which has excellent links to a variety of articles on ancient Rome. www.aloitaly.com has excellent background material on Italy in general.

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